Interior design is an area of expertise that is much more than simply shape, colour and budgets.  Like architects, today's interior designers are highly skilled and creative individuals who possess and intuitive connection to their client and capacity communicating both written, verbal and visual. A competent interior design team will suggest options and offer ideas that will surprise and delight you. An interior design specialist has been trained to see potential and come up with ideas that turn a dull, boring space into a cool functional area to enjoy and admire.



It is common to hear complaints from those who are not directly involved in the design phase of any project. Complaints such as overly complicated, unrealistic expectations from the design perspective, this is detrimental to any project because it leads to divisions and a combative mentality and project constraints. 


At MFB Interiors we practice a decidedly different approach. Our philosophy of Presentation + Communication + Timing has proven to be a winning, simplified recipe. Via the project manager, each respective trade person and supplier is involved during the process and invited to give their input and point of view, each team member understands their role and value to the project. Our experience and growth is an example of why this open, inclusive and respectful approach creates an environment of trust, cooperation and accountability.  




It is also worth noting that confidence building is key between MFB Interiors and our valued clientele. We understand the importance of transparency when managing our client's money and resources, including full disclosure of invoiced material costs. Our business mentality is simple, fair and one we would like to share with you too.