MFB Interiors property services are utilised by those who value their time and require a reliable and quality driven team with a simplified approach to assisting with their property project and overall property requirements. Our team of trades, speciality trades, and suppliers is built on a foundation of cooperation and trust. Our business concept and philosophies are simple, straight forward and with an emphasis on communication, presentation, and timing. The result is increased productivity and streamlined project completion lead times, saving time and money.

Enhancement + Rehabilitation + Renovation:

Three terms you may hear often but often confused or misunderstood. If planned, managed and executed correctly, all three will increase your residential or commercial property’s value, but that isn't necessarily how it always goes. A poorly planned renovation can negatively affect your project’s budget thus your property’s value, reducing your enjoyment, sales or resale value.

We feel our firm’s business philosophy and transparency in its dealings are rare and unique in the industry. During your initial consultation, we listen to your needs and offer solutions and discuss a suitable strategy for your project. 

Which strategy is best for my property?

It is important to understand the reasoning behind your project, long-term residence, investment property, rental, or perhaps a commercial business space.  If you plan to live in your home for a long time, you can heavily weigh your decisions toward your personal tastes and preferences. If your property is an investment or rental property you should always keep in mind the importance of your property's future value and selling appeal. Additionally, a commercial space is unique in itself and involves branding, product and customer demographic considerations. All of these options are ready and available @ MFB Interiors.


Enhancement - Painting, minor repairs, window coverings, floor coverings, cleaning (interior/exterior)

Rehabilitation - Utilising existing materials such as flooring, fixtures, cabinetry while updating other materials and components from new.

Renovation - Full renovation and removal of existing materials including remediation (asbestos), replacing flooring, cabinetry and fixtures.


The first step in your assessment is to have an MFB Interiors professional visit your space and assess what strategy is best applicable to meet your needs. We visit with you, we assess and send a written initial proposal to work from. We have a wide range of services, products and components that will make your property and vision a reality with common sense affordability reliability and quality.